Eve's Contrition

Heh heh heh, okay, fess up! Did I getcha, even for a minute? :)
April Fools, guys, Eve hasn't found it in her heart to change, yet. She's still the same evil bitch you've all come to love. ;)

So, the last few comics I've been working on Nic's hair growing out a bit. I do eventually want to get it up to date but I've changed the damned thing so much that it'll be a task. I don't know how many of you have seen me currently but my hair is black and much longer, down past my shoulders. I keep the underside shaved to cut down on it's thickness but also so that I can sport a sort of faux-hawk when I want to without my 'do interrupting my business. :)

Alright, we're back on schedule Saturday as usual, I just couldn't resist this little interruption! Not that I think any of you mind. :)


Kelly said...

I've stopped paying attention to what Eve says.

All I do is stare at her ta-tas now.

Anonymous said...

We totally need some pics of Eve dude, she's smokin if she's anything like your art.

Nic said...

Unfortunately, Eve is all in my head. :)

I don't do characters/likenesses of specific people because I don't want to offend anyone. I'm going to make fun of characters from time to time and I don't want girls getting mad at me. Plus, I have over 40 coworkers so girls would be pissed if they weren't included etc etc etc

I have tons of reasons.
We DO, however, have a few ladies with gigantic tits. We also have thin, tall and red-headed gals. We have all sorts. :)

Awesomesauce said...

"We DO, however, have a few ladies with gigantic tits. We also have thin, tall and red-headed gals. We have all sorts."

Sounds like my kinda place!

The april fool would've got me if every other web comic I had just been reading hadn't done the same!

Alas, I was on my guard!

Still funny though! :)

sylan said...

gotta say, from the very beginning I was expecting a twist =P given I always forget about april fools, so even when I've known it was today for a lil while I still forget the possibility of it coming out in the comic =P


Anonymous said...

In that case, can I be in your head too? It sounds like a truly magical place.

Lord Crios said...

I still love this girl :D

Bibliotheque said...

Even without seeing the date in the archive, I honestly expected Eve to have been saying thize things to distract you from the "Kick Me" or "Taze Me" sign she put on your back (not that that would have had the expected result).

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