Impaired Visions

Lazy Nic's been sleeping off her early morning shift.
So, I have the "extra" comic ready but it won't make sense without this one so I think I'm gonna toss it up sometime tomorrow.

I wear glasses. Wait... let me rephrase that. I NEED to wear glasses but most of the time I don't. Sharky has gone through this actual scenario with me many times. I also have a bad habit of overlooking friends because I can't tell it's someone I know or squinting horribly at people before realizing I must look rude. *sigh* I'm TRYING to wear them more frequently but it's hard to get into the habit. I'm nearsighted and I mostly need them to drive, especially at night. Maybe Nic will wear them in some of the comics in the future but I wear them so infrequently that I assume so would she. :P

Sharky's been extended again. Now I get to keep him till the 26th, huzzah! I got a haircut today. I'll post some pics up later if you're all interested. :)

Oh yea, and Nic is trying to grow her hair out, in case you all haven't noticed.


tom said...

i had the same problem with my glasses, and i am still getting use to them. I dunno how many times i have woken up and wondered why i couldn't see half the day til i remembered to get my glasses off my night stand.

MizTrouble said...

I'm so blind I canNOT function without my glasses. Apparently, they've become something of a trademark for me. Every time I mention I want to get LASIK surgery, I get a loudly protesting "NOOOOOO!" from everyone, especially the men. I've discovered that much of my sex appeal lies in the specs. It's that whole "Hot for Teacher" thing.

Anonymous said...

Love this!

CJ Mercline said...

makes me wonder, are you bi, or at least just curious? doesn't make any difference to me, I still love your work.

Nic said...

I am bi. :)

Bibliotheque said...

At least you can function without your glasses. I literally can't see three feet without mine. At least I always have my glasses handy to pull off a (usually joking) hot for teacher or stern matron/professor look!

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