The Turnaround

Aha, you see? Next comic up, just as I have said!
Sometimes I can keep to my word. ;)

Yes, I can't let Nic and the girls ALWAYS have the upper-hand. Sometimes the poor downtroden men that we abuse pull one over on us! This has certainly happened to me before. I recently played with a guy who, upon me cropping and strapping his perineum region, told me he'd never had that done before. I was giddy to have introduced him to something new (I have a thing about exposing people to new things) only to talk with the girls after and have them all confirm that they'd done that with him before. -_-

It's nothing huge but it sure made me feel like I had egg on my face for believing him.

Righto, see you all tomorrow for another fantastical comic! But tomorrow we go back to complaining about the men being idiots, again. ;P I can't have them getting TOO many breaks.


Anonymous said...

The twins are too cute! I think they're my favorite characters after Nic, of course ;).

Vera Wylde said...

Oh Nic we ALL fall for some well reheased line at some point or other. It's pretty universal, and you nailed it nicely.

Anonymous said...

I hate to ask this as I know you're very conscientous about keeping everything legal and safe but are the twins legal? They don't look it, especially in day clothes...

Nic said...

Well, firstly, the twins (like all of the NB girls) aren't real people. They're just characters I've created that resemble the real people I interact with.

But, yes, they are legal. We don't hire girls younger than 18 but at 18 years old it is legal to work in adult businesses as a person is then legally considered to be an adult. As such, we get ALOT of 18 year old girls. They usually don't last very long but there are always new ones ready to jump in and many of them look quite young.

Heck, some of the girls look underage and they're actually older than me! Very petite, thin and youthful girls can look alarmingly young, ESPECIALLY when you toss them in a schoolgirl outfit. However, this is what alot of our clients are looking for and they have a good niche.

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