Happy Belated Easter!

Hey, sorry this is late, guys. I had a CRAZY week. D:
Thursday I worked my usual shift but Friday I worked a 12hr day for the half-price party and succeeded in bruising my hand after playing for 2 hours with 2 heavy submissives into open-hand spanking. D: It's better now, though.
Then, Saturday we spent the whole day setting up for and then having Sharky's going away party. Then Sunday was easter and I went down to Long Beach to spend it with family so I haven't had a chance to draw until today. *huffhuff*

In better news, though, Sharky isn't leaving until the 19th, now! Of course, considering how often they're changing the dates there could be totally different news tomorrow...

I'm not religious so I don't really celebrate Easter or anything like that but when a comic falls on or close to a big holiday I try to use it as an excuse to take a break from story-lines and such. Unfortunately I didn't realize how FREAKIN' long this damnable thing was going to take me. *fistshake* I hate coloring!
Also, the whole costume thing is almost turning into a running joke.

Earlier today I stopped by a store to see if they had something in stock and when I approached a young, hipster looking associate with dyed black hair hanging in one eye, a trendy baseball cap and plugs in his ears and began with, "Excuse me," he replied, "What can I help you with, sir?"
It's been a LONG time since I've been mistaken for a guy, what with my hair extremely long now, but I WAS in my usual baggy sweater and jeans and had a pony-tail up so I just assumed he hadn't taken too close a look. Still, slightly caught off-guard I gave a little chuckle and said, "Or, you know, ma'am."
And he stared blankly at me and then shrugged.
I guess I was expecting something else but I'm not really sure what this gesture was supposed to mean. Did it mean he didn't give a fuck? Or that to him sir/ma'am mean the same damn thing? Or did he really not catch on that I'm actually a chick?
At any rate, I must not be his usual interpretation of what a woman should look like. Or he's MASTERED the apathetic teen stereotype. I got some mild amusement out of it, through my befuddlement.

I'm swamped with commissions and work appointments this month, on top of the comic, so we'll see if I can keep up. We're a comic behind right now but I'm gonna do my best to get us caught up within the week.


tom said...

love the Twins in this, and sorry about your hand

Sean said...

As an unrepentant chubby chaser, I always enjoy comics with Honey in them. :)

Anonymous said...

@Sean, I adore unrepentant chubby chasers! It's why I am marrying one LD

Nic, love the comic! Made my day after a hellish day at work.

n00body said...

Curious, which hurts your hand more when spanking: chubby cheeks, or buns of steel? :p

Nic said...

I'm glad ya'll like this one! It took me quite awhile so I was feeling pretty sour about it till the compliments rolled in. ^_^ Also, I feel silly admitting it but I'm super proud that people remember my character's names and such. :D

N00body, I don't think either ass hurts me more. It's more about HOW I spank. Usually I cup my hand but the two fellas I whacked on Friday like it as hard as I can give it so it was going flat and open-handed for hours!

Anonymous said...

This is really cute, but why do all the girls always look so angry? Are the ladies you work with an always angry bunch?

Nic said...

Anon, Huh. The only ones who could concievably look angry in this are Natasja, Honey and Eve. That's only 1/3 of the ladies. Natasja never emotes, she's always sorta flatline. And even Eve has a bit of a smirk in this one, though she's the "ice-queen" character in my comic. Honey is the eldest girl here so most of the time she's feeling fairly disapproving about Nic's mix-ups. :)
Hope that clears it up!

Though, yes, we do have alot of big bad Dommes that walk around and they're pretty intimidating looking.

Nic said...

Oh, and I guess one of the twins looks SERIOUS but that's only cuz she's clueless. :P

Anonymous said...

I love this costume goof, especially the twins! There is never a comic where the twins don't look adorable.
And I always wear guy's clothes, especially to work out, but my chest is what stops people from mistaking me more often probably... it's really hard to hide it.

Nic said...

I dunno, anon, I've got D cups and it still happened! Maybe they were mistaken for man-titties.

Anonymous said...

I loooove Margarita here... In general, I love her character =)

Bill_Wa said...

Ya never know Nic, there are guys that have a fetish for that. You do know the difference between Kinky and Sick? I like it, it's kinky. You like it, You're Sick!

nekoMimi Loli said...

awe that bunny outfit would totally work for an ageplayer like me though, i'd just wanna snuggle joo!

Bibliotheque said...

Poor hand. I love your avatar's reaction to the situation! It's like she's thinking, "Not again..."

There's something about "the twins" that I can't figure out... I'm not sure what it is. In a drama, I'd think "They're going to be a villain, an anti-hero, or someone with particularly notable superpowers." In hentai, I'd think "Ah, obviously a 14-year-old boy in drag or transgirl and not a 20-year-old woman." In a superhero comic, I'd think, "Ah, they actually share a mind and there's going to be drama about it." But this? I have NO IDEA. It's just some kind of vibe that says "Hey. These characters. Keep an eye on them. The Subconscious knows."

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