Shit That Makes Dungeon Girls Hate You

Okay, it's up! We have a heavy update load tonight and tomorrow cuz I'm determined to have us caught up. So, there's gonna be another post tonight and then Saturday's post up by midnight tonight. :)

So. A guide.
I want to be clear on some of this stuff, since it may sound harsh.
Firstly, of COURSE we appreciate any tip at all but, really, there is always going to be a level that lands you as a cheapskate. If someone left you a handful of pocket-change after waitressing you'd be insulted and that's the equivalent of $20 or less in our business. We are a pricey business and we put our bodies on the line for our work. We work HARD. If a girl is giving you her all the least you could do is kick her a $20 out of the hundreds you spend just to get her in the room.

I saw a regular of mine the other day who always tips me $20. Except, this time he gave me $16 instead. Why did he subtract that $4? Was it a statement on my performance that evening? Did he spend the last of his cash on a pack of smokes or something? When shit like this happens we can't help but wonder. Is it us? Is this a comment? If he'd put $4 more into my palm I wouldn't worry.

Also, I might not try as hard for him next time.

Second topic. We get new players all of the time and we welcome them. We're happy to teach and we're VERY forgiving. We'll put up with alot when we know someone's starting out. You gotta start/learn somewhere! :)
But seriously. The guys who brag and brag only to turn out to be fuck-ups are exasperating. How could they not be?! Just be honest with us if you don't know what you're doing, we'll understand.

There's no excuse for stinky balls, though.
I wash my bits every damn day before I come in to work. If you know you're going to be getting naked and near with a hot chick you think you'd want to smell good. For gawd's sake it is NOT that hard to give a little scrub down there before you wander in here. We even have a shower on site! Just use it! We'll wait!!!

You guys wouldn't laugh if you knew how many horrible sites and smells we encounter. I'll make fun of even worse situations I've seen in the future. :P


Lindsey said...

Agreed on all counts. See, this comic is not only educational at times for me, but it reinforces lots, too. Keep 'em coming; we're reading. :)

Jabbausaf said...

I hate even having sex without a shower first, and I prefer to do some manscaping too, especially if it's gonna be more play and less sex.

Anonymous said...

I'm often amazed at the number of people that don't want to learn how to do things right. It's kind of sad in a lot of ways.

Vera Wylde said...

I'll never understand why people aren't more mindful of their smell in general. While I'm not in a position to be sniffing many balls the number of people I've encountered all dressed up to look nice but with rancid breath just blows my mind. Spritz a little Scope in there!

Adam said...

What if you saved hard to be able to afford the play?

Perhaps that 16$ was all he had left in his wallet?

Nic said...

Adam, he ALWAYS tips $20. I suspect it WAS all he had in his wallet, but likely cuz he bought something small before coming over.

Anonymous said...

Maaaan... I am so turned on by BDSM, but my mate is completely no-no about it. Maaaybe I could get him into spanking, since he loves my ass something fierce. But he is wildly vanilla usually. I desperately want to try kinky things with him, but I understand we'd need professional supervising, even if just to try and see if/what works and doesn't. Augh... BDSM. Rrrr.

Anonymous said...

So, I started at the beginning of your comic today, and I just wanted to let you know that on top of the humor, I really appreciate the whole inside look to this life style.

I am really tempted to get into BDSM, but I have a low pain tolerance (or so I tell myself) and am incredibly shy about sex.

Aha, awkward comment is awkward, but I love that you give a sort of 'this is okay' and 'this is not okay' by-line in your notes or comics themselves. I'm too shy to ask anyone and even if I wasn't, I don't know anyone in real life like this...

ugh, I'll stop rambling now. xD
And go catch up with the rest. =D

Anonymous said...

i don't understand tipping.

don't get me wrong, i know what it is. i just don't get why there is an expected amount to tip. here in australia, the price it is, is the price you pay. of course, i wouldn't know about the bdsm scene - i'm just referring to restaurants and hotels and whatever. cafes and little restaurants might have a "tip jar" near the register, where you just throw your small change if you like the service, but... it's not a Thing.

Nic said...

I don't know about in Aus but out here alot of people make their living on tip. When you work minimum wage tip can go a long way.
I don't work for minimum wage, of course, but I do work in a business where tokens and gifts are all but expected.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the Resevoir Dogs camp about tipping. This of course depends on how much you make, but if you're getting, IE, $100/hr, you can do without the $20. Ream me for it if you need, but that's my opinion.

-Leo (Signing in as myself is a fucking BITCH)

Nic said...

Here's the deal, Leo.
We don't get $100 an hour like you think we do.
I don't go to work for 8 hours and come home with $800. We ONLY make money when a client sees us. So, guess what, some weeks I work FORTY HOURS and I make NOTHING.
Yes really.
It's the reality of this job. The UPSIDE of that is that when a good client comes to town I can make a few hundred in a weekend. But that's only because he tips me like a gentleman. That's the guy who pays my bills. The non tippers barely contribute to my gas for spending my time there all week.
Get it?

flamewolf said...

Yeah. Im a switch myself, but dont top cause I know Im not safe at it.:(

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