Wear Your Glasses

Another one!
If this doesn't make any sense it's cuz you didn't read the one before it. :P

Okay, this gets us caught up officially.
Except that there's supposed to be another update at midnight but at midnight I'll be crooning karaoke in a bar with my buds. :) It's conceivable there will be pics. So...Possibly tomorrow's update will go up later in the afternoon. Like, after I wake from a night of drinking. Hey, it's not officially late if it makes it up the date I say it's supposed to! >:(
Oh! And speaking of pics, here's the hair-change.

I already finished next weeks Featured Fetish and, though it was one of my least favorite requests (which I'll expand upon when it goes up) it has turned into one of my favorite pieces of art. I dunno, sometimes you just have a good day! It's pretty hot, I hope you're all looking forward to it!

Also, I haven't been talking about it much even though it's not meant to be a surprise or anything of the sort but MAY will be FREAKY FETISH month! I chose May because it's the month I launched the comic in (Gawd a year already, what the fuck, didn't I just start this?! I still feel like the new kid!) and also May is my birthday month! So, the freaky fetishes will begin to emerge just after Sharky leaves for biz. AND I will be answering the question launched way back in the beginning, the very second comic, "What is the weirdest thing you've ever done?"

Won't that be fun... ;)


SlugHead said...

How about furries for the freaky fetish? I'd love to see a pic of a fox-woman turning a human male's mind to mush.

Nic said...

We don't get many furries into the dungeon and they're so common-place now that I don't think they qualify as freaky enough for me. ;) But if you want I could put it into the queue of Featured Fetishes. :)

SlugHead said...

thanks! Other possible fetishes could include lactation, leather, and latex, and SHIBARI, please! or to call it by its proper name, kinbaku.

Nic said...

All of those were in my unscheduled list except for lactation! I tend not to include things that we don't do at work unless they're specifically requested. :) Okay, Furries and lactation added to the list. I'm going to keep leather, latex and shibari unscheduled just cuz I get alot of requests and I feel it'd be unfair to give ya 5 in a row and make everyone else have to wait. ^_^ We'll get to them eventually, though!

Nugg said...

Good lord, that took a scary turn.

"Gawd a year already, what the fuck, didn't I just start this?!"
Haha, I was thinking the same thing! It seems like yesterday that I found this comic and felt like Christmas browsing the first ~20 or so comics. I don't get tired re-reading them, either, these are so cute.

Good to see your pics, too! Love the new cut. And I definitely see the facial likeness between you and your drawn character.

StealthBuda said...

Awesome comic this week Nic! :D

Vera Wylde said...

Like the new hair! And I totally feel your pain. Due to the fact that my glasses go rather poorly with most of my outfits I rarely wear them out. In performance it's not bad, the audience becomes a blur and that keeps stage fright at bay. Aside from that though not so good... there's so many people I know but have a hard time picking htem out of a crowd because I rarely see them with my glasses on.

Bibliotheque said...

...I'm glad you learned your lesson. No more need be said 8|

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