More Scary Than Painful

Tomorrow I see Mark and TheShocker. Except, in opposite order of that. :P The Shocker will be here for the weekend and I'll be at the club with Mark Saturday night. I'm keeping this really short because Sharky needs to sleep and I'm keeping him up.

Electricity really is more scary than it is painful. Okay, that's it from me till Saturday. The Featured Fetish is completely done so no worries on my busy few days at the dungeon keeping my posts late. :)

Okay! EDIT time!

Since I didn't get a chance when I updated last night, I used the TENS unit in this comic. The tens is an electrical tool commonly used as a muscle relaxer in doctors offices, usually for sports injuries etc. We deviants, of course, use it for bdsm purposes. However, on a low setting it mostly just feels like prickles, tickles, pitter-patters etc. I've taken every box I own up to 99 (there is no 100, 99 is the highest setting) and I own... 3 seperate types of boxes (though I have some doubles.) When you play with tens units the whole idea is to ramp up slowly so you can acclimate. It becomes torturous if you move up fast. We also have smaller boxes with settings that allow you to "shock" the person wearing the unit with a remote control and that works for some fun games, too. Just a quick sum-up, there's endless possibilities. :)


Jabbausaf said...

I've found that wax is also more scary then it is painful.

flamewolf said...

I knew a girl that liked to attach a tens unit to a sybian...

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