Crowd Teaser

I've been partyin' too much. Phew.
To be FAIR these updates aren't late... They just not up at midnite each day like I prefer. Don't you give me hell about this!

Appropriate comic is grossly appropriate.
Yet another of my odd dualities is that I've cultured and trained myself to be a happy extrovert. I'm known for being the life of the party with my outrageous colors, unusual outfits, boisterous sexuality, inappropriate jokes, aggressive flirtation and insatiable stomach for alcohol.
However, lurking behind it all is always the shy, terrified and stage frightened quaking younger Nic. And sometimes she bursts forward when I least expect her.

I'm almost cured of my shy moments but when they resurface they have all the force of the months of my pent up and poorly caged anxieties and burst forth in the most embarrassing and ill-timed ways.
And so at a party this weekend I played the fool.

Of COURSE this comic was scheduled for now, a sore reminder of my failings. BAH!

Right. So. Enough of me stammering on about my social anxieties. You all have enough issues of your own. ;P

Working AdultCon this weekend and the little sis is working it with me! My tall, tan, skinny, busty, red-headed 19 year old sister who looks nothing like me will be working alongside me at a sexually themed convention.

Will post pics. ;P


Anonymous said...

Oh, please do... Bet she's every bit as gorgeous as you are...

Vera Wylde said...

That booy is extra bountiful in this comic, I'm loving it.

megan said...

pics would be awesome! hell, i wish i could go to adultcon...sounds like a blast
and i have the same weirdness as you work, i'm totally out going and bubbly, all about talking to customers. when i'm not at work, though...i can hardly talk to people. drives my friends up the wall!

Anonymous said...

Ahahaha, this is exactly like the underwear/bikini thing. Same amount of skin, completely different levels of self-consciousness. Rofl.


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