Featured Fetish: Muscled Women

Sorry this didn't go up at midnite. I had a busy few days with volunteering all day at a senior citizen community center for their St Paddy's lunch celebration, doing some celebrating of my own and a surprise visit from PrettyBoy.

Oh yea. And I bleached my hair.

But worry not. See that little rosette of color? That's the pink that's currently setting in atop my head. Next I update I'll give ya a photo. :)
I'm going back to my roots! And those roots are dyed atomic pink. ;P


Featured Fetish Friday again! This time we have muscled girls!
All of these requests were done quite awhile back. I actually did this piece a few weeks ago because I was just in the mood for it. :P I didn't use reference and I'm not a whiz at the muscle groups. Now, if I were a diligent and bright artist I would study and practice that. Instead I make up inaccurate bullshit. *shrug*

I see ALOT of muscled girl fetish art online. I didn't go as thick and muscled as the stuff I usually see but I think she looks more than fit!
As you know I'm not very muscular, I'm pretty round, but I associate with this fetish because I have clients who specifically like me because I'm "strong."
They coo over my thick arms, my size and my shows of strength. I'm actually very empowered by working with tiny guys that I can toss about and hold down with ease and one of my favorite pastimes with these men is to force them to stare at me towering over them in the mirror.

I also understand the appeal of strong women. I've met a few Dommes who were VERY sizable and there's a definite appeal to the sense of vulnerability and helplessness and submission that one feels when met with such an amazon.

Any of you have this fetish that can tell us more about it?

Enjoy! I'm off to a few parties for the weekend and then I'll see you guys back Monday! :)


Anonymous said...

I'm a biologist, not an artist, but I only see a couple of places where the muscles *might* be a little off...But very aesthetically pleasing! Good job! It looks great!

Nic said...

Wow, that's very reassuring! Thanks. :D

Vera Wylde said...

You make Fridays even better than they are normally. Party it up!

Samuel Griffon said...

I'm really glad you didn't go all out with the muscles, Nic. Lack of restraint is the most common problem I see with drawings about this fetish. Far too often the artist's drawing will look less like a muscular woman than it does Swarchenegger with breast implants. Of course, there's also the lunatics that draw muscles that look like masses of tumors that are about to exploded. Okay, I should stop, now, before I really start ranting.

Samuel Griffon said...

Oh, before anybody decide to warp my words (my harsh and somewhat hastily written words), I just want to be clear. I think muscular woman are sexy, and I think Nic's drawing is sexy. That is all.

Josh said...

Personally, I find it appealing because it has a nice inversion of the usual "tough macho guy, weak helpless woman" trope - a strong, self-assured woman capable of covering her own in a pinch without relying on some guy to rescue her like some princess in a tower - that's just hot. Confidence and power are sexy. But yeah, like Samuel said, it's way too easy to overdo things and have the woman look like a dickless man or like she's wearing a bodystocking full of potatoes. Fortunately, that "overkill" category seems to be getting smaller and smaller as artists realize how ridiculous they look.

Stevie Rae said...

I love her legs. I've always loved a good, muscular calf, whether on a man or a woman. Very sexy

MizTrouble said...

I'm a massage therapist, so I'm very familiar with muscles and their shapes. Nic darling, you did a fantastic job! I'm not fond of overly-muscled women myself, and you drew her perfectly, IMHO. Well done!

Anonymous said...

Here's a drawing I saw recently that, while a bit cartoony, I thought was a great example of a sexy, muscular female: http://jollyjack.deviantart.com/art/Elli-Likes-Kung-Fu-189814132

Nic said...

Oh, yea, I enjoy JollyJack's work. :) Especially his comical eyebrows. XD

Samuel Griffon said...

That's pretty good, but my idea of a sexy, muscled lady looks more like this: http://gelbooru.com/index.php?page=post&s=view&id=1043333

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