Sorry there was no Monday update. I was completely blasted after AdultCon! We worked our ASSES off! It was so much fun, though. :p
My little sister proved herself not only popular (saw that coming) but also a really excellent worker. We're going to be selling together in the future! Whoo!

Alright, I promised photos, here you go:

And I should have more but I'm waiting to receive them so entertain yourselves with these for abit. :P


Anonymous said... Love the outfits

Anonymous said...

He has two left hands in the bottom panel

Ellash said...

Love love love the pink! Looks awesome on ya!!

Vera Wylde said...

Well it could be worse, there's always the people who ask for your "honest opinion" and then act like you just slingshotted them in the junk if it's anything but 100% positive.

Loving the pictures so far!

Nic said...

Oh yea, I forgot to mention that I fucked up the hands. >_<

And then I was too lazy/tired and it was too late to change it.
*tries to distract you all with pictures of her ass*

Ugh. I'm a better Dominatrix than I am an artist sometimes haha.

megan said...

i like the ass! what's written on the ass? also...i dig the dress! so very much :)

Nic said...

Heehee, it says "Kiss my sweet ass." ;P

Yunie said...

*sigh* I want to go to AdultCon some day, it sounds like so much fun ~

This is kind of an odd question, since it doesn't relate to the comic or the con at all really, but I'm lovin' the corset you have on in the first pic. Where do you get your corsets? I have one, but it's not as nice as what I'd like ):

MeRLoT said...

always have fun at AdultCon - so much to do...and *see*. it looks
like the two of you had a great time, and I'm not surprised! looking forward seeing to more pics and hearing about your ongoing adventures.

Nic said...

Damnit Yunie, I hate to say it but I got asked that ALOT and sadly I don't remember who I got it from. :(
I bought it off another vendor at DomCon so I didn't take stock of his company name, since I was just casually dealing with him. :/

I'm sorry I can't be of more help. It is a steel boned PVC cincher, though, and it gives me an incredible waspy shape when I have it laced tight.

Scott said...

I just want you to know that you have another reader. I was linked here by another webcomic, and I read your archive in less than 24 hrs. In that time I was sold.

Maya said...

Just want to say.... I reallyreallyreallyreally want that dress. Just so you know. :]

Anonymous said...

My dear, you have a wonderfully amazing bottom, especially in pink tights.

Anonymous said...

ok, yep that a nice ass, give this lady another sandwich!

yea sounds like a form i had to fill out at my last job whenever we had a training session

Anonymous said...

Yes, the Velma costume was one thing, but that outfit really makes it stand out. Or shine. Or some such positive adjective, I dunno. Although I think if it was shining you'd have a problem! >_<


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