Why I Do It

No, seriously, the truth of the matter is that I wouldn't do this work if I didn't thoroughly enjoy it. :)
For me personally, this was stuff I was involved with as a "lifestyler" just for pure pleasure long before I actually began to work pro. When I learned that I could make a living doing what I love... well, isn't that the dream, after all?
It works out for everyone. :)

Also true is that there's a strange duality to being a pro-Domme in this world. By and large we are very respected within the community. If you are pro you're more likely to be the best of the best and educated in a wide range of tools, safety and fetishes. We tend to have the most experience, as well, because we have more opportunities to meet a wide variety of people and their wide interests on a day to day basis. We are a huge part of the community, that isn't argued, and we facilitate the parties that the lifestylers attend and the rooms and tools they'll often rent.

However, there's always the group that looks down on us because they think one should only engage in play for pleasure and that if pay is involved it isn't "real."
Well, I'm real. I really and truly do exist. :)

Much as I'd love to be lumped in with the Unicorns and Faeries! ;P

But honestly. If I didn't love what I do with all of my heart and soul I wouldn't write a webcomic about it. This is a huge and important part of my life and I love it dearly. It's SO much more than a job. The people I work with, client and coworker alike, are some of my closest friends and I wouldn't trade it all for the world. Or for a high-paying but dull desk job. Or for some grouchy-puss who thinks he's nobler than I.

Alright! Let's just have fun. I'll be back with you all on Wednesday and I'll be at AdultCon in LA in two weeks! Stop in and say hi if you'll be there, too! :D


Kate said...

Hey Nic!

First of all, been reading since the EEeeeearly days and I love the comic. I also love the return to the older style of art - the clean lines, the color, etc etc. I'm willing to have fewer updates to keep this up! :D

Congrats on things with PrettyBoy!

Alsoooo a long time ago you posted a link to a photoblog with gorgeous, sensual pictures. I don't remember if it was all fetish photos or what but I lost the URL and was wondering if you wouldn't mind re-sharing it? Thanks in advance if you can.

Anyway, keep up the great work. Lots of love and supports from Ireland. Have a happy St. Patricks Week!

James D. said...

Many a guidance or employment counselor has said "you must first figure out what you love to do and _then_ you can figure out how to make a living doing it".

I'm a Chef who gets a great deal of personal pleasure out of preparing excellent food for others and I look forward to having Guests leave my table feeling completely satiated and fulfilled by the culinary experience they just enjoyed.

You're a professional Dom who (from all you have described) looks forward to having Clients leave the Dungeon feeling completely satiated and fulfilled by the sensual (not sexual, big difference as you well know) experience they just enjoyed.

And yet, people don't accuse a person of my skills of looking to Guests as merely a source of income the way they do a person of your skills. Good food can be just as viscerally sensual as a good Dungeon session but because only one of them involves possible nudity and the potential for physical contact, only one of them is sexualized and frowned upon.

And yet, in the writings of a great number of classic philosophers, it's made clear that they believed that food and emotional intimacy are equally important to us a fully developed human beings.

Double standards suck, don't they?

Anyway, long time reader, first time poster. Love your work and hope to keep reading about your adventures for years to come.

Nic said...

Shoot, Kate, I stumble across stuff like that all the time. I hate to say it but I don't think I could call it up quickly. Still, if I happen across it again I'll be sure to post. :)

And James, well said! It is certainly a strange thing to have to admit that I technically work in the "sex industry" since the term comes with a whole bundle of assumptions that don't apply to me at all. :/

Anonymous said...

Agreed about the duality of being a ProDom. My community is a lot smaller than that of LA's- so people love to talk. But because I came out to them as a lifestyler before I came out as a Pro, they don't have much room to indulge their gossip fetish because they already know me as a person. However, that doesn't stop many from generalizing and then backpedaling when I say, "But I am a ProDom, you know that, right?" Haha.

I wish it was the case, with Sacramento, that our ProDom presence was a strong enough as to dictate the scene. For one, there aren't many (most escorts moonlighting in roleplay) and two, other than a few, we are so fringed that the idea isn't overly respected. But it's good that your experience is different.

I have been to LA a few times, but never got to play other than privately! I would love to see how LA throws parties! I imagine it's lavish!

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