Skinny Standards

There's just no pleasing some people. :P

But seriously. We have clients who are unhappy with whatever you give them. I don't know if they're just malcontents, if they don't KNOW what they want or if they get off on having a bad attitude. They don't abound but everyone's pretty clear on who the trouble-makers are.

That's another thing worth mentioning. All of us ladies keep one another in the loop. If you're troublesome in any way we're all sure to warn one another so that we're totally prepared to deal with it.

And for that matter, just about all we ladies would talk about in the dungeon was men. If it wasn't about clients it was about boyfriends and husbands and if it wasn't about partners it was about males in general.
I never really associated with women for most of my life and after throwing myself headfirst into a house of nothing but women I sure got an education. All of the stereotypes are true. We surely do sit around and gripe about men-folk.


Well. I guess sometimes they deserve a dose of their own medicine. ;P

So, watch out boys. We're telling all your dirty secrets!!!

Now I will hide my shame at being such a girl. *ducks*


Kiera-Oona said...

Some people arent going to be happy till they see a gal who hasnt eaten in a month (sticks like kiera nightly)

megan said...

ummm...I like big butts and I can not lie?

...yup, that pretty much sums it up.

DramaLlamas said...

Some men are just pigs. Luckily it isn't all men :D

Den said...

Honestly? I prefer a girl with meat on her bones. More to cuddle. :3

Bill_Wa said...

Actually I saw it as something different. The guy is being insulting about weight, then he is crossdresssed and teased about being an ugly woman. At least that would work for me.

Josh said...

And here we see a man whose ideal women ends with .jpg

Evals Pup said...

Maybe they have the wrong idea in their little heads, and they think that's how a Dom is suppose to act. Like a jerk. I could see it in people who don't understand the lifestyle at all.

indieitalian said...

I'm attracted to both skinny and fat girls, to an extent. I'm not interested in girls who look like Skeletor and I'm also not attracted to the other extreme. My girlfriend, however, has a major fat fetish (her words not mine). For example, she gets off on squeezing, biting, licking, etc. my stomach. And I have to admit, she's the first person who's genuinely made me feel sexy for being fat and not in spite of it.

Anonymous said...

so your dungeon as a whole fails the Bechdel Test?

Samuel Griffon said...

Maybe you ladies should buy a fake skeleton. When a guy acts like that, you could wheel it out and ask if it's skinny enough for him.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... guys are idiots.
[Well, then why aren't women ruling the world?]
Because they're too busy stabbing each other in the back.


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