Featured Fetish: Toe-Cuffs

That's right, they're back!!!

The Featured Fetishes have migrated to Fridays!
What? I like alliteration!

Toe cuffs was requested this time. And don't you worry guys, all your other requests are still lined up in the order they were asked. :)

Anyway, I DID struggle to feature this particular fetish. I don't know that I did the best job but I TRIED to create an image that leads your eyes to the cuffs. Toe-cuffs and toe bondage may seem inconsequential and silly... Until you've had it done to you. This is a type of restraint that is shockingly effective. You can't walk to save your life and frankly you can't really even stand. Even moving the legs about can become difficult as too much struggling leads to painful straining of your poor little digits, effectively trapping you in a fairly small space.

I personally like toe-cuffs! I like almost all forms of bondage and these babies are essential for tickle torture! Heck, even tying the toes can tickle!

Anyway, I've not much more to say on that. What about you toe bondage enthusiasts?

Also, have you looked at the store lately? We have new stuff!!!


Synth said...

Love this and glad to see you climbing back onto form! Good luck keeping the balance! I suppose my FFF req would be Rubber Masks/ Rubber. We soooo need a beeeaaautiful picture of a sexy lady in a hood!- In fact.... I'm not sure I've seen any rubber yet :O!
Thanks for the comics xxxx

Vera Wylde said...

Wow, that's a new one for me. Learn something new every day!

kitten said...

i'm not really a foot fetishist... but those are some pretty feet :) i could never do any kind of foot bondage/torture... i'm so ticklish!

Steven Ray Brown said...

I hope I don't offend, Mistress. But I have some advice on how you could've shown the feet more. Right now, the feet get a little lost within the piece. I'd suggest if you ever decide to do it again to do the feet as a separate layer, and give it its own thicker stroke. Also shading it darker than the rest of image will give it more focus and is a fun perspective trick. Here, I have an visual example;

Please don't beat me too hard. :)

Bill_Wa said...

First, YAY RETURN TO BONDAGE!!!!!!!!!!
Second, I love this one, my wife loves wearing toecuffs when we make love, makes her feel more, restricted.

Evals Pup said...

Welcome back FF, oh how I missed you. :) I like the look on her face, as well as the clever position of the toes :p

Ah toe cuffs, I remember them very very well. A Mistress I had awhile ago had a few sets, some of them very strong.. She would pit me versus another of her pets in a so called hopping race. Loser got the paddle. My record so far was 2 wins 1 loss.

Josh said...

I was unaware such things even existed, let alone that there was a fetish for them.

Eglan said...

first of all: Yay for "Featured Fetish Friday" you s ould make that the official title!
second: for tickle torture? you'Re mean, I like you *winks*

TA said...

I actually feel you NAILED the art for this one, it shows that you put a lot of thought into the composition to draw attention to the toes.

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