Conditioned Response

This is actually one I drew awhile back and was unhappy with so I just did it all over again. And in the original script I'd intended it to be him yanking my panties down but just didn't care for how it would translate without altering the pacing etc so I decided to simplify it into a lecherous ass-grabby kinda motion.

In my biz we never took off our panties but we'd have clients try to yank them down from time to time and we had to be wary. Actually, in order to allow the client the pleasure of pulling our panties down for certain roleplays etc we often wore two pairs, a thong beneath a larger more traditional pair so that we could legally and safely give the semblance of getting us as naked as possible.

Anyway. Not that important. I'm super tired. I've been staying up late and having to get up mondo early the last few nights and I'm underslept. Phoo. Time to pass out. Enjoy this over the weekend, we're back again Monday.


Evals Pup said...

That is one deadly kick, I don't mean to keep giving your kick attention, but ow :)

Vera Wylde said...

Oh my, that's a solid back kick you have there girl. And in heels! Been training?

nekoMimi Loli said...

actually happened with me...not with the panties but with DaddyDom behind me trying to grab/tickle me on the stairs, well...I kicked him in the nuts and he was mad at me the rest of the evening

Bibliotheque said...

You should get a sign for the wall of the dungeon. One of those signs they have in stables: "Don't sneak up behind me, I kick when surprised" ;)

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