This was an old joke I had that I thought would fit in well to this little story arc I've got going about Nic and Eve. They haven't really gotten along since day one and it may now be comin' to a head...

Had a hairy girl fetishist earlier today and it was really pleasant! As you may have noticed that's one of my favored fetishes. I just feel so much more feminine and natural and like myself when I'm not doing hair removal. Such a pain, such a task, and so much money and suffering just to fit in socially. Bah. It's not for me.

That's all for now. Getting to know the ladies in the new dungeon and having mixed opinions. They're mostly all very fun and friendly, though. :)

Okay, gonna keep drawing while I sit here at work. :) It's more fun to draw in your undies, anyway! :D


Anonymous said...

I know how you feel about shaving. It never really felt natural to me either.

Anonymous said...

I recently asked my girlfriend to stop shaving. I don't exactly consider that a fetish, but I prefer natural.

Anonymous said...

I love shaving, hate to disagree. I like smooth... on myself and girls I date :) - I think a lot of ppl do. shaving process is easy for me though, I don't have much hair. I wanna know where the story is going!


Anonymous said...

I dislike shaving... maybe since all-natural makes me feel comfortable, sadly I abide by society's views of beauty and shave when I wear shorts. I wear pants 24/7 even in the Summer, though when I get my time alone I let those babies grow XD

BTW I recently found your comics yesterday and have finally decided to comment and be a loyal reader, keep up the awesome work Nic~

Anonymous said...

I dislike shaving too.. but am lucky enough to fit in with societies view.. as most of my body hair is incredibly pale.. even though I'm a brunette!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nic.
I just wanted to say thank you. For sharing the fun, the weird and the realities of a different sort of life. I was just given the url to your comic today, and literally read all of it from day one. Thank you, so much. It's hard to be an artist and put yourself out for the world to see, especially when it's something so close to your life. You're my new favorite, right along with the Devils Panties. I cannot wait to see what you come up with next, beautiful. Be well.
Fire Eyes

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