A Matter Of Money

Aha! A turning point perhaps? The plot thickens.

This is FREAKISHLY appropriate! I had this written before any of this was actually happening but I've been shocked at how many of the "Mistresses" that I work with are suddenly available for sub sessions.
Welp, hard times call for desperate measures, I guess?

I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a Mistress once. ;)

I may have mentioned awhile back that I was competing in a 48hr film with PrettyBoy? Well, that went down the drain due to technical difficulties with our cameras! However, we thought the idea was too good just to let go so we're working on it again! I play a VERY small (non-speaking) role but I figured you guys still might be interested so when we're all done with that I'll be sure to post it for your amusement. :)

In the meantime, here's some more Lunatic Odyssey!

And... can I just say really quickly that looking back on these... I look AWFUL!!!
I know I had strep throat at the time (I dunno if we'd yet to reveal/discover that in the videos yet) and that my glands are swollen etc but boy do I look at hot mess. :/

...PrettyBoy looks pretty hot in the pie-eating scene though...



Jules said...

Sometimes I get a Jim Morrison vibe from PrettyBoy.

DaeDollie said...

I love getting to watch videos from you, almost as much as I love this comic.

....and I'm sorry for always saying it, but HOT FUCKING DAMN! Prettyboy is just...just... *wipes up drool* fucking insanely hot. The whole pie scene I'm surprised I know what was said considering I was pretty zoned.

Also, Nic, you're always sexy. :) Even when you're not feeling 100%.

In response to the comic- I giggle-snorted. Luckily I'd never have that problem if I were in the position. I'm pretty far over on the submissive side. I have to actually be in a "mood" to be a dom, in which my entire personality switches, as if I have MPD or something.

Nic said...

Yea, me too, Jules! I did a painting of him that struck me as very Jim Morrison like as well.

Dae, I feel the exact same way about PB. I could watch that pie scene over and over again. I'm gonna have to have him reenact it in person for me, haha!

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