Sweet Honey

I don't have a ton to say today. It's nice to see Honey getting a little emotive here, she's usually pretty patient and calm. I'm enjoying drawing this arc but when it's done I'm also gonna enjoy getting back to the more true to life stuff.

I mean, this is accurate in that there's sometimes gripes amongst the dungeon girl ranks about people taking sessions from one another (the subs and mistresses switching roles etc.) But it doesn't happen too frequently.

I don't think Honey likes to be told what to do...

Ummm... That's all for now. Enjoy! I might see TheShocker on Thursday, I'm working the next 5 days so I'll try to do comics at work when I can.

See ya!


Kate said...

I really dig how neat and smooth this comic came out. Looks amazing as usual, Nic!

Miss Kara said...

Hey, Miss Nic? My Mistress is really getting interested in e-stim, and since you have so much experience with The Shocker, I was wondering if you could provide the name of a good book you know that covers such information. If you have time, that is ^^;;

I like how Honey is putting Little Nic in her place ^_^ Yes, Eve lashed out, but it's a bit understandable. She's all ready in a delicate situation, and she may REALLY need the money from the sub sessions. #We all get into positions where we need to do things we thought we're never do. Literally in this case :P So it's kind of understandable she would lash out.

Nic said...

Kara, there's a really excellent one I own on Tens Units in particular. I don't recall the name but if you give me a day or two to find it I'll let you know! :D

model S said...

hehe eve just pwnt nic. always intresting can't wait for more. thanks for keeping this comic up! -big hug- i'm goin to europe for 2 weeks so i may not be able to post, but i'll do my best to check up the comic!

Miss Kara said...

Thank you so much, Nic! There's no rush at all, so don't worry.

Oh, and did you see the new product from Violet Wand? It's a rope that conducts electricity ^_^ I am SO excited for that.

My email address is wayfare_angel@hotmail.com Thank you so much again ^_^ My Mistress all ready knows some handy basics, like not running a charge across the heart, but I'd like to do some research.

model S said...

Hai nic! greetings from jolly ole london! just wanted you to know i made it safely. i'm in the airport so YAY! soon to go exploring!

Anonymous said...

I just sat down and read every comic, start to finish. I just wanted to say that I love the work you do; you're funny, you're talented, and entertaining!

Thank you!

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