Asserting Dominance

Ho shit! It's all comin' to a head!!!

I really enjoyed writing this little arc. I think it's about time Nic stood up to Eve!

Now, as I've mentioned, this is one of the more fictional exchanges I've ever written. Usually what I write is based almost 100% off of reality with only minor changes for pacing (and because I don't do likenesses.) HOWEVER. It struck me as I wrote Nic's response here that something similar has happened to me.

It didn't come out in an all out scream fest like this because I don't have outbursts like that with people. However, there was a Mistress who thought rather highly of herself who began telling other girls in the dungeon that she was going to have me fired. Now, what's really baffling about this story is that I'd thought the girl was my friend. I'd treated her to dinner, hung out with her and Sharky outside of the dungeon and spent hours helping her on many of her personal projects. I don't know why or when she decided we weren't buddies anymore and my other girlfriends who tipped me off to her back talking and threats said she never specified why she hated me so. Weird.

But ANYWAY. I was offended that, no matter what my presumed fault, that she would attempt to put my livelihood at risk. Not JUST a job, but something I clearly love and cherish (as I'm sure you've all noticed. :) )
Well, I knew my standing with both the girls AND (more importantly) with the boss. John and I were close and we had an excellent understanding. He trusted me. He knew I was responsible, honest and dedicated to the wellbeing of the dungeon. AND that I never had issues with the girls. I casually spread word that if one of us were to be fired, it would be her.

And guess who's still here?

I don't want to take credit for her losing her good standing here. It certainly didn't help her case to be on my bad side but she was ultimately fired for issues with money. She did it to herself.

I don't believe in karma in a mystical sense but I do believe you're gonna get back what you give and people with poor attitudes and morals don't make it far.

Would you all miss Eve....? :)


Leslie said...

yes! i would miss eve! punish her, but don't get rid of her!

AutobotDen said...

Bust her down to subbie, but don't get rid of her. She's the one I love to hate!

Mel said...

I could be wrong, but I don't think she's as bad as people seem to think! The 'day one' issue mentioned again earlier didn't really seem like a lasting issue or a big deal to me. Maybe it was just the cute and humorous way that it was portrayed.

model S said...

i'd miss her. she might be a bitch, but if you "kill her off" so to speak, what if you need her attitude later for an arc, would you introduce someone exactly like eve? but more to the point, she's a good character, and easy to make fun of. so keep her around... just in case.

Miss Kara said...

I'd miss her ^_^ She's a bitch, but she's well written and as a result, fun to read in the comics.

I think I'm going to miss the spanky pants more :P Damn, I don't wear underwear,but I want a pair of those ^_^

Daniel said...

Yeah, I agree with the others. Eve should stay, but also be put in her place.

By the way it's a mighty cute outfit that Nic is wearing, rufflebutts FTW!

Bill_Wa said...

I guess I am not in the minority here, I too say keep her, the greatest punishment she will get is Nic's(Your) popularity. The way she acts will bring on the Eve of Destruction, so to speak.

Anonymous said...


Sometimes, the level of awesome in your comic demands such a response. Not that I want to see her gone. She's one of the lineup. You can't edit the lineup. It's classic.


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