Dungeon Wisdom

I've been working alot lately (which is great but also time consuming.)

What Honey has to say is true of this business. I don't mean to imply we aren't actually genuine about our BDSM interest etc but the pro world IS a different world and it IS a business. We need to be professionals, that's why we have the name.

Sometimes girls do have to make nice around here. It's a house full of women, of course catfights erupt from time to time but most girls are pretty good about making nice in the end.

Just wait till we all get in the same cycle! :O

Okay, I'm exhausted. I've been sleep deprived and it's late so I'll talk at you more in detail with the next update. *flop*


Anonymous said...

Just a small note, you made a grammar error in the first frame - though should be thought. Not a big deal, just pointing it out. -Cyn

Chevette Girl said...

After the last episode I was halfway expecting Honey to be a little more emphatic about calling Nic out for complaining that someone else was breaking the same "rule" that she's been breaking. Nicely handled, professionalism is becoming a lost art...

model S said...

nic: GREETINGS FORM THE LAND OF DRUNKS! IRELAND! wonderful work nic, i totally understand what you mean with this one, it's a diffrent world doing it for fun over doing it for profit. well i just wanted to drop a comment for you and let you know i'm still reading. -passes nic a guinness- much love to my favorite switch!

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