Redheaded Snake

I don't have a ton to say today. I'm in a fairly foul mood, to be honest with you all. Yick. It's a number of things, all of which I don't feel like discussing.

I'm happy with how this comic came out in the least. And I wanna say that I'm touched that so many of you stood up for Eve, that's sweet. She may not have many friends in the dungeon but she clearly has a few out there amongst the NicBuxom readers. :)

That's all I'm up for now. We have a Featured Fetish tomorrow and then instead of spoiling you like I have been with updates every day we'll try to get back on schedule. This arc still has a number of comics to go so I hope I'm not boring you!

EDIT: Fucking fuck there's an "L" missing in the word "calls."


model S said...

never boring hun, that's why i keep comming back, always fun to see the lighter side of the lifestyle. and the fun tools you put in the background, but mostly i like seeing your adventures, always good for a laugh or atleast a smile. keep up the great work nic. -thumbs up-

Miss Kara said...

Aw, poor Nic. I hope you feel better soon, whatever is happening.

And of course Honey knows ^_^ Honey knows everything. Mind you, it DOES make sense she knows, if Eve is operating out of the dungeon. I imagine Honey has to keep track of who's doing what, how much it runs, and who is coming in for what appointments when. Insurance rates probably fluctuate depending on what fetishes are offered... I live in Winnipeg, and we don't really have a professional dungeon, just a private one for members, so I have to guess at this stuff. Kind of fun ^_^

Ooo! Ooo! Ooo! Can we have a spanky pants freaky fetish at some point? PLEASE? ^_^

Anonymous said...

I really like Honey cause she's a BBW and has curly hair. I think there should be more of her :)

model S said...

hey nic is there any way you cn make a page for featured fetishes, or some way to search them? or a list linking to them? cause i have friends that would love seeing them but i can't remember the link off hand. also hope your mood improves!

Nic said...

Hey guys, thanks for the words of encouragement!

Miss Kara, I'll add spanky pants to the list!

Anon, I totally agree with you! For being a fairly quiet, straight-man and not terribly present character Honey is extremely near and dear to my heart. I sort of consider her the house mother and she reminds me alot of a coworker I had who died years ago. :) I'd say I'll try to put her in more but it really depends on where she fits. Don't worry though, she's always around!

Model, Inspired idea! I think we really do need that around here. I'll look into compiling a page just for that!

model S said...

S works better when refering to me if you're going shorthand ^^

but thanks i thought of it a couple days ago when one of my friends was asking about i think it was smothering/facesitting i remembered you did it as a FF and tried to find it, it took me like 20 mins to find and by that time he had to go to dinner with his family or something.there's been a few other events like that, so i thought it would help if someone needs to find one quickly.

also just throwing this out there "comicfury" is a really good host with alot of great people, if you hosted nicbuxom over there i bet you'd get alot more traffic. and so far as i can tell the site is fully customizible wo you could add a page just for FF. just a suggestion. just trying to help out, y'know?

AutobotDen said...

And that, right there, is why Honey is one of my favorites after Nic. <3

Miss Kara said...

You know, looking back over the comics, I have to admire the curves drawn on Eve. The curvature in general of the ladies is drawn superbly, but there's something more expressive about the ones drawn on Eve... I wonder if that was intentional.

and thank you Nic! ^_^ I look forward to it! There's just something fun about those spanky pants ^_^

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