Featured Fetish: Balloons

Balloon fetish! What a fun one!
I know alot of balloon fetishists like to see a person blow a balloon as BIG as they can possibly get it before it pops. I know popping is also a huge part of this fetish. I like videos of girls bouncing on their butts on balloons till they pop, which is partially why I chose to draw this image this way. Also, thought it was a fun touch with the threatening pop potential of the needle and balloon.

I've also seen videos of freaky-giant balloons that can fit a person inside. Crazy! Sorry not to add links, you'll just have to do some searching for yourself. But, here's a hint, there's ALOT of this stuff on youtube since it's usually not very porny.

So, I'm working at the new dungeon (or more like the revamped dungeon.)
We're still doing ALOT of work on the place, site and advertising but I will try to get you all some links and photos when things start falling into place. I AM here currently, available to play and so are some of the old dungeon girls and alot of new girls.

Frankly, so far I love, love, love my coworkers. They're all very pretty, sweet girls. And more than that I appreciate that our new owner Mistress Cyan is open to a variety of ladies. John (love him though I do) had more rigid ideas of who could work this industry but Mistress Cyan and her crew are having such a great collection of beautiful women of all sizes, types, colors, shapes, backgrounds etc. It's freakin' awesome. :)
Here's hoping everything stays good. I'll keep ya'll updated!

Up next I'm going to bombard you with a story-arc I made up. It's not from any real experience but things like it can happen. So, enjoy! I'll get that to you soon.


Anonymous said...

AW MAN! ANOTHER fetish I can't do cause I'm allergic to latex.

Utini said...

i started cracking up when i saw this fetish bcuz its my bday today and what better way to celebrate than w/balloons ^_^

Nic said...

Hmmmm Anon, maybe you could do it if you wore thick stockings or something?

Utini, Happy Birthday! I'm glad I posted this so appropriately. Let's pretend I did it on purpose instead of just being late haha.

Anonymous said...

The whole walk-in balloon idea sounds wicked fun. I'm definitely going to have to try it someday.

Den said...

I wish I had more time in the LA area, but alas, my flight leaves at 9:00 tomorrow morning... otherwise, I'd come to see you, Nic! <3

Anonymous said...

I am strongly thinking there should be stickers for sale of the featured fetishes. I'd be forced to plaster my laptop cover with them.

Nic said...

I have a couple of the FFs for sale as small prints. I'll look into that, though. :)

Anonymous said...

there is sooooo much diversity related with this kink. People that get off on popping, those that are vehemently opposed to popping, pop phobics...it works its way into BDSM scenes for people both with and without the fetish. There are aspects of erotic/tactile balloon play thatre mind blowing. Im known all over for my version of the *girl in balloon* act, having done it in Burlesque and the scene.

Thanks sooooo very much for avoiding the usual stereotyped input (usually vaguely accurate or outright erroneous) Nic.


Anonymous said...

it seems like a lot of the ppl with a balloon fetish also have an inflation fetish like with cheeks and stomachs. Some people like bellows pumps or balloon pumps. But there is so much involved in this fetish that I don't really know... it's not a personal fetish, I've just done some clips involving it.

-Lady Cyn

flamewolf said...

Oh gods trying to pop a balloon by sitting/bouncing on it really freaks me out. You never know quite when it will go off, and then it startles the fuck out of you when it does.

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