Curves In All the Wrong Places

I am a comic machine!

This is payback for you all for all the time I was away. :)
I know this is two comics in a row about "body bulges" but this isn't meant to be a body complaint so much. Just some corsets and cinchers, especially those without busks, do a fantastic job of giving an hourglass figure but make a horrible pronounced belly-bulge. This might not be terribly noticable on thinner women but on us curvy girls it just looks awful!


Anonymous said...

I dunno on us thinner women it can look even worse... cause in general we don't have the boob size to make up for it >.<

Anonymous said...

Oh my GAWD I know what you mean! I have the WORST pudge that just flabs out in front like that under my corset!

Anonymous said...

I hate when that happens so much!!! Then you try to tighten it, and your love handles pop out! Rawr! (I still love corsets tho! ^_^)

Anonymous said...

Just do what I do and wear a short poofy skirt under the corset, like a petticoat. Ways around everything.

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