Topless Twister

It's true. :)
The best part about topless twister is that the girls play dirty, often shoving agressively or tickling. We tried to play a game once with two teams of two girls each where with each spin we were in some way shackled to our partner. It ended up being a bit confusing and really fantastically difficult, but fun!

Hey, you've gotta make your own fun on a slow night. :P

I want to get one more comic up tonight. If not tonight it'll be up tomorrow and then we'll officially be back on our Monday, Wednesday, Saturday schedule. So don't get used to all of these mass updates! :P

Oh yea, and does the change in text color help with reading? I must know!


Rose Thorn said...

hehehe thats great!

ministan said...

Oh yeah, much much easier to read!

I've always thought the idea of "bondage twister" was a good one. Always wondered what the rules would be, though!

Anonymous said...

Indeed much easier to read. :) Back in the day we used to play Strip Twister and Truth or Dare Twister alot... then again in high school the crowd I was around... we turned everything dirty. Including a rocking giraffe!

Lord Crios said...

Damn, topless twister, This idea does not make me sleep tonight...

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