Do You Have Sex With Clients?

This was meant to be an extra but I didn't have time to draw the actual comic scheduled for today. So, it and it's partner comic will be up soon, one a bit off-schedule.

Anyway, let me say straight off that I NEVER mind anyone asking questions about what I do. I don't expect you guys to know, that's what the comic is here for. :) I LOVE answering questions and educating about my chosen profession.

Still, I do get a bit tired of being asked this (usually by men who just asked to visit me as a client, no less) and I REALLY DID think that comics like these were clear enough an explanation. It seems strange that people would actually think we have sex but don't do oral. I don't know, odd to ME at least.

Also, please know that I would ALWAYS people rather ask me these things than just assume. :) I generally don't make fun of any questions but I had to put a bit of a funny spin on my very clear answer here, please don't feel too bad if you didn't know. And for the record, I wouldn't work a job involving sex. That's reserved for Sharky and goes against my personal comforts and wants. :)

EDIT: I just looked back on that last comic I linked and realized that I DID talk about us not fucking. Now I don't feel bad anymore. If you guys didn't already know this then you aren't paying attention or just plain aren't reading the comic. *fistshake*


Lord Crios said...

This is the second time i sayd that today: Peoples must first learn to read, and after make questions.

Dirkson said...

I think much of the confusion likely stems from ignorance of what /exactly/ it is that you do- Even I, a cheerfully lascivious man who is generally quite aware of fetishes and has read your comic all the way through, am not /entirely/ sure what it is you do and don't do for work. I think your job is pretty far outside most people's sphere of knowledge. (Plus, there are breasts in many of your comics- I'm reasonably sure that it's impossible for a man look at breasts while maintaining the entirety of his IQ.)

Nic said...

We don't really expect the men to do much thinking. ;)

John (yes, that is my real name! LOL) said...

There are words in these comics?? I'm usually distracted by the art! *grin*

Anonymous said...

Sing it, Sista!
I also work in a BDSM dungeon! (nowhere near you, but still.)
I totally empathize AND sympathize!

Boomer Gonzales said...

A shame you have to repeat yourself when it's been made clear time and again. Hate to plug another webcomic on your site, but a strip club themed webbie entitled 'Pink Parts' addressed this very same issue explaining what strip clubs at large used to be and what they became.

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