Yep, we do have some nasty nick-names here and there but mostly they're just used to remind us of who the guy is. When the desk girl gets a call that a "John" is coming in to see you tonight it's common for us to ask, "Tickle John?" or something just to be sure of who it is. :)
If we have a mean nickname for a guy it's usually because he's an asshole or distasteful in some other way. We keep the nicknames to ourselves, I don't think any guys know how we refer to them privately. Not everyone gets a nickname, either, usually just the guys who see alot of girls or have somehow made a name for themselves around the dungeon, whether through positive or negative means.

I'm sick again... I can't remember if I mentioned that before. It's VERY frustrating. It's not the deathly sickness like last time, just a cold, but still... I'm so SICK of being sick!

Anyway, see you guys Wednesday. :)

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Pony Paul is adorable~

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