On Johns

I'm updating from the dungeon tonight, it's my first day back at work since being sick. And, of course, it's a slow one. Yet, better for you all, giving me the time to get this update posted! This also marks the comic that has us officially back on track. From now on updates will resume as they were before I fell ill, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. That means the next one goes up this Saturday. :)

I have a session tomorrow evening with a much favored client of mine! I expect there to be alot of CBT involving tens units, the cattle prod and my feet/knees. I also want to beat his ass a bit and we'll see if I'm up for it, it will be the first session since being ill so I hope I don't get worn down... But I think I'll be just fine! :)


Lord Crios said...

Many people named john as guest, and surname i bet is Smith :D

Anonymous said...

I know this may be offensive, and I apologise, but the opportunity is just too priceless.

You may not be a prostitute, but it seems you get a lot of Johns.

Nic said...

No worries, not offensive. :) We try not to refer to them by demeaning names like that but they really do pick that particular name ALOT. And like I said, the rest are Mikes, Pauls, Rons, Dans, really standard stuff. :P

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