This really happened. The only thing I didn't include was that when I punched the guy he did this weird flailing sort of motion that made it immediately clear to me that he thought he was gonna pull some crazy ninja move on me and incapacitate me. You see how well that went. :P This was also done during a two-girl session. The lady playing with me was pretty shocked and we were both worried we were about to get in trouble or something but it worked out, you'll see.

So, the big news of today is that I finally told my mum what I do for a living! I've been meaning to tell my parents for a long time but the comic itself is what finally motivated me, since I wanted desperately to share it with her and my family. She took it well, said she wasn't really shocked and assumed I was stripping (I had a feeling she thought something was fishy since I was always vague) and while she seemed kinda uncomfortable and didn't ask me much she said she was just happy that I was financially secure and that she didn't have to worry about me. She told me she wouldn't be following my comic but, just in case, HI MOM! :) Thanks for being understanding!

Next on the list, my Dad! ;)


Mandy said...

Aw...a little coming out for you, huh, Nic? I'm glad it went relatively well. :-)

Anonymous said...

Now the hard part, huh?

Vera Wylde said...

Moms can surprise you with how supportive they can be, even when they don't fully approve or understand. Sounds a bit like my own mother's reaction to me coming out to her (i.e. "So long as you're happy, but I don't need to know too much about it.")

Un mamut cualquiera said...

I wanna hear your dad's part.... if he's half comprehensive as your mom you will fo it all right

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