Perhaps I'm Too Honest

Just got home from my session with Mark. He has to be one of my FAVORITE clients. I would rank him in the top two. I think Mark and TheShocker compete as my top two favs. He's given me license, by the way, to use his name. I've been somewhat hesitant to do so, though I can't say exactly why. Just for the sake of keeping this thing as anonymous as possible, I suppose.
Anyway. We had a fantastic session this evening, primarily consisting of ball-busting! That is quite possibly my favorite pastime. It fills me with such pleasure, no wonder men squander such opportunities from me! ;)
More than the play, though, Mark seems to get along with me on a social level quite well. We share similar outlooks and views and I REALLY enjoy discourse with him. From the first time we met I felt an instant liking towards him. He's just someone I get along with naturally. :)

Tomorrow we may play some more at the club. I've gotten sick AGAIN, though not as badly this time, so we'll see what I'm up to.

Anyway, about the comic! I do use a variation of my real name, just a nickname of it. Also, the client in the top panel isn't meant to look like he's skulking away for being mocked by the girls but that he's hiding behind a hood and sunglasses out of paranoia. We literally have guys come in like this and dash away to hide in a room. It's silly, really, there are no camera's inside or anything like that but some guys won't believe us. Oh well.

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Hikori said...

=D I'd be interesting then. Hikori is a nickname i always use, and Ali is a nickname based on my first name in spanish, Alejandro. Long story involving people thinking I was a girl, but eventually the name stuck and some people call me Hikori in person, and others call me Ali. And yes, like price ali, fabulous he, ali-ababwa~ ... =D

but you don't care =P I just felt like sharing

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