Hairy Admiration

We do have guys who are into hairy ladies from time to time. Unfortunately there aren't enough of them for me to just let myself go and stop hair removal entirely, though I'm not terribly diligent about it to be honest.
If I had a few good regulars who were really into that I'd be happy to be the hairy-legged girl in the dungeon but for some reason the hair lovers are notoriously bad tippers (most of them not tipping at ALL) and not coming in regularly enough or playing long enough to warrant the money I'd lose with other clients over the hair issue. Too bad. :(

We do have one Mistress who has hairy armpits and, let me tell you, guys LOVE it. The rest of us actually get asked regularly why we don't let ours grow just like hers. :P

This might seem like the beginning to a plot-line but it's not really, just a stand-alone joke on the body-hair that I have such issues with. This might be the last update for tonight. If so, there are still two more to go up tomorrow and that will have us officially back on schedule! :)

Also, I'm waiting for sharky to find the time to try to change the color of the text here for easier reading but does having it bold like this help?


ministan said...

Count me as one of those guys who don't care for body hair on women. Yeah, I know, I'm a sexist... whaddaya gonna do? FWIW, Mara doesn't like me *without* body hair (or facial hair for that matter). Although if my mustache is too short she complains that it's "prickly!"

Yeah, it is easier to read now that you've bolded it...

Anonymous said...

Yes, bold helps. Make the comments bold too!

Anonymous said...

I hate body hair. On both sexes. My slave shaves his whole body.

Brina said...

@ ministan

not liking body hair on women doesn't make you sexist lol. that makes no sense >.< I'm a woman and i hate body hair on women too. obviously myself included. I don't like it on men either though really. i think men should at LEAST trim their pubes and make it presentable. I can't stand bushes on any of the sexes. bleh!

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