Double Standard

Eeeek sorry! This is the first comic that has been officially late, as in not put up on it's update day. I apologize for being a slacker but I was away at my mums all day and I have no scanner and no internet there.

Anyway, perhaps I'll put up a little extra tomorrow to make up for it but no promises since TheShocker is back in town and going to keep me busy the next few days. :)

Oh, and on the comic, I have actually officially been to ONE stipclub. My first and only time was just this last year. A client took me to a full nude one. I have to say, I was expecting alot more... the girls didn't even do any pole tricks!
Also, still never been to a hooters. I have no problem with these establishments I just don't really run with a crowd that's into that kind of thing so it doesn't really come up. Plus, there's nothing to do in such places but spend money and I'd rather spend it out eating with friends. I'm more of a fatty than a lusty lady. ;)

Plus... it is true. I see naked ladies all day at work! :P


Brian said...

As far as I'm concerned, going to a strip club is like going to a candy store and paying to smell the chocolate. :)

piratestan said...

Brian, I agree with you about the strip club. Interestingly, I would however happily pay to "Top" a submissive woman such Nic even with no sex involved (I don't really need to, having my very own lovely submissive).

Tying up, flogging, tickling, and otherwise "torturing" a lovely woman can be quite fulfilling all by itself. I suspect guys who're more conventionally wired get the same thrill by going to a strip club.

James said...

i find strip clubs realy boring because you prity much have seen it all before in your own bedroom (just no pole's unless you go out and buy on).
Plus the alchole is warted down you get asked for tips and you get thrown out if your phone go off (most strip club i know of have a no phone policy). it just not worht it, plus you spend more at a stipers then a night out with mate.

Olethea said...

The interesting thing about Hooters is that you don't actually see any Hooters. It's more or less the atmosphere, not to mention the excuse of going for chicken wings, but the girls have a pretty strict uniform. tennis shoes, slouchy socks, nylons, shorts and a tank top... I've never been to one myself, but I work for a place that does accounting for some Hooters... so I get to see what types of things they purchase for uniforms. Pretty damn crazy if you ask me!

Nic said...

Technically our clients don't get the whole enchilada, either, guys. Though, they ARE allowed to jack off which I don't think you can offically do in a strip-club, right? Plus, there's not rules here about "not touching the girls" so it's a bit more hands-on at least. :P

As for Hooters, my biggest issue with them is that all of the Hooters girls have GREAT legs and ass but... really rather tiny tits. They should rename the place to Booties or something.

William said...

I'm a college student. If I want to see pretty girls in tight clothing I just go to class. In my English Grammar class I'm one guy amidst 33 girls. I get intellectual stimulation AND eye candy. I doubt Hooters can provide so much.

As for strip clubs: Meh. No interest in ever going. I'm with the first comment. Not to mention I can always go to a play party.

Lord Crios said...

Never go in a Strip Club or a Hooters (until now i don't know Hooters exist), but when i go in Amsterdaam i go in a peep show. Not so funny really.

David Newt said...

I preferred Ker's Winghouse while I still lived in Florida. Much better quality there, and the girl's outfits made a bit more sense. Plus, their mild wings were actually GOOD (I don't care for hot stuff).

I went to Hooters and asked for mild wings one time while I was still in College for Video Production, and was having lunch with a director I had just finished helping film something. The mild wings were some really mild, buttery crap instead of anything with real flavor, and I actually felt -physically ill- after eating there. It made for a rather embarrassing end to a lunch with someone who, at the time, was quite important to me and what I was doing.

I've never eaten at another Hooter's, since.

nekoMimi Loli said...

Awe I lov eour local strip club, they do the pole tricks and must wear a g-string at all times so its not full nude...maybe thats why they do more tricks. Either way they have a Vampire Burlesque show on Friday Nights! you should check em out if you're ever in TN (yes, the owner has a sense of humor with the name)

Rika said...

Love how you draw Margarita, very pretty *v*

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